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Interior Design, Project Management, and More

We are TSK Interiors, a company committed to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction in all the projects we undertake. Interior Design, construction and project management, renovations, tenement installations, and furniture design are the hallmarks of what we do, and we strive to uphold them on every project undertaken.

TSK Interiors are committed to providing our clients with world-class service. By partnering with our clients to understand their unique vision & needs, we offer quality innovative solutions & deliver our services professionally - on time and within budget constraints.

Our company prides itself on being both flexible and dynamic - and being able to adapt and respond to client needs in all of the services we offer, Interior Design, Project Management, or otherwise. Taking a hands-on approach to each project means that management is personally involved from inception to completion and handover, drawing on relevant specialists from the sector as required.

Our Core Services

Interior Design &
Space Planning

Project & Construction Management



What We Do… Differently

At TSK Interiors we consistently strive for client satisfaction on all of our projects. By going into each contract with this mindset, we are able to partner closely with clients to understand their vision, functional requirements and specifications from the start.

We can add strategic insight throughout, while ensuring we achieve agreed-upon objectives. As an entrepreneurial business, we also understand our role and responsibilities when it comes to uplifting local communities. This is why we look for ways to include and upskill members of these in our projects where appropriate. In this way, we are working to ensure that our contribution to our country is a meaningful one.

By sharing our own knowledge of interior design, project management, renovation, installations, and our other services, TSK Interiors contributes to the growth of South Africa in impactful ways.

Our Projects